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Nebraska to Phase Out Income Taxes on Social Security
May 24, 2021
Jeremy Gove

Social Security Income Taxes Phase Out

When asked, most Nebraskans would say their biggest complaint about Nebraska is high taxes. For all of you seniors receiving Social Security income, the State Legislature has good news for you.

Lawmakers passed legislation to phase out income taxes on Social Security by 2030. The legislation is now on Gov. Pete Ricketts’s desk, who is expected to sign it.

The legislation phases out income taxes on Social Security income gradually each year. For 2021 it is reduced by 5%, 20% in 2022, and 30% in 2023. The exemption continues to grow to 100% by 2030.

Eliminating taxes on Social Security makes Nebraska more competitive with neighboring states like Iowa who do not tax Social Security income now. I am glad to see the change because I believe it honors you Seniors who have contributed to Nebraska for many years and makes it easier financially to stay in Nebraska in your retirement years.

If you have additional questions relating to Social Security or other financial inquiries, reach out to me at (402) 805-4660.

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