Retirement Dreams vs. Reality

August 5, 2022

A retired University of Kansas professor, Dr. David Eckert, recently talked in an interview about how what he thought retirement was going to be like is different from the reality of it. Tim and Jeff expand on this subject in today’s podcast.


  • You need a plan not only for your finances, but also with what you are going to do with your time. This could include hobbies, volunteer work, even part-time employment
  • As advisors, Tim and Jeff include this as part of their Retirement Compass planning process, as well as staying with clients throughout their retirement as their needs change
  • Married couples may have differences in ages that could affect the timing of their retirements. One could be retired while the other is still working. Making sure each other can deal with their individual situations is optimal


May 19, 2023

February 3, 2023


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