The Retirement Compass Process

December 8, 2022

Today Tim and Jeff discuss the Stonebridge Retirement Compass, their way of formulating a complete retirement plan for each individual client, and the five components of it – income, growth, tax, health care and estate/legacy planning.

  • The process was developed because the Stonebridge team to wanted to show folks that there is more to retirement planning than just investments.
  • Clients who contact Stonebridge want to find out more about tax planning or Social Security strategies that their current advisor or CPA doesn’t or can’t provide information on. The Retirement Compass can help them with these issues and other details about a comprehensive plan which addresses these needs and many others.
  • Income can affect the cost of Medicare premiums as well as taxes. The Retirement Compass takes these things into account so that people are not paying more than they need to for each of these things, which helps keep more money in their own pocket, not the government’s.


May 19, 2023

February 3, 2023


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